Healing ministry

The province has 10 trained nurses who are involved in healing ministry. Srs Judith, Liza and Agnes are placed in dispensaries which are in the far-flung areas of North East.

Sr Nirmal and Sr Divya are working in Germany.

Sr Pauline is working as the SMCS (Safe motherhood and Child Survival) program Co-Ordinator in Imphal Diocese.

Srs Servia and Agie are working in the Community Care Centre at Chavara Home, Dimapur.

Srs Servia and Agie are working in the Community Care Centre at Chavara Home, Dimapur

Srs Gracit and Regina are taking care of the 45 HIV infected and affected children in Carmel Jyoti in Imphal which is the only institution in Manipur which takes care of HIV infected orphan children.They are initiated to education and treatment and are sent back home where they are supported by follow up programmes.

Activities : -

  • Curative, preventive and promotive health services are provided in all the dispensaries

  • DOTS centers :- Three of our centers are recognized as DOTS providers by the District TB Controll Society.

  • Malaria Control programme:- .Awareness classes are conducted in different villages to eradicate Malaria. Medicated mosquito nets were provided to prevent malaria and people were trained to medicate the nets and destroy mosquitoes

  • Medical Camps :- Medical Camps are conducted to provide free medical examination and provide free medicines for the poor people living in the areas where there is very little medical facility

  • Awareness programs are conducted in the villages for target groups-  mothers, youth, general public- on various topics like TB,Malaria,HIV / AIDS,general health and hygiene,Nutrition, Safe Motherhood and Child Survival

Facilities Available& Services Provided at Chavara Home

  • Inpatient

  • Out-patient

  • Nutrition for Inpatient

  • Medicine for In patient and out patient

  • Medical examination

  • Spiritual support

  • Recreation and relaxation

  • Councilling for inpatients, out patients,i ndividual, families

  • Referrhal services

  • Family visits Sensitisation program

  • DOTS (Chavara Home is approved as a DOTS provider by Dimapur District ,TB Control Society.)

  • Home based care training

  • Income Generation

  • Training Follow up and Training for ART and TB drug adherence and Positive Living

  • Staff Capacity building

  • Exposure Programs

  • Medical Camps

  • Women's Day Celebration

  • Food, Acomodation, Education and Training for 10 female infected/affected children

Awareness Programme


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