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Image by Humberto Arellano


Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation"(Mk 16:15)In the light of the Gospel values, CMC daughters in Northeast are striving to do the best to establish God's Kingdom wherever they are sent. In the mission here in Northeast, there are remote areas with minimum facilities and maximum hardships. We have a lot to do uplift these centers. As time passed by, we are widening the horizon of our service in keeping with the charism of our congregation and teachings of the church.


Despite the uprising challenges, we are working hand in hand to establish a better today and tomorrow with personnel's and the limited resources that we have. Vividly, this optimistic effort indicates that CMC daughters will never lose hope in the Lord. The special mission of the CMC, is to work untiringly for the integral growth of women and children(CMC Ratio ch.1)Identifying the social, moral and cultural environment of the people and their needs and keeping in mind new political strategies and enforcement, we have set up HIV/AIDS Care and Support Centre called Chavara Home at Naharbai, Dimapur and HIV/AIDS Care Centre for Children known as Carmel Jyoti at Koirengei, Imphal. These both are an inclusive care centers. Our sisters who are at these centers are rendering their selfless service in order to bring about sustainable growth and positive outlook in the lives of the underprivileged and dejected children, women and men. In this way, our sisters are making an endeavor to bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ. Sisters have innate potentialities to become competent and effective God's messengers. Growth is a never drying stream. It is an ongoing process, therefore, CMC daughters in Northeast shall continue to grow, flourish and sustain with the help of God who called us from among many to be His disciples.

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