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Sanjoe province missionaries from its very beginning, as we set foot in Manipur, the land of jewels, along with the apostolate of education healing ministry too began. The province had nine active dispensaries which was registered under CHAI. It was mainly through the dispensaries and through the nurse sisters who worked here are the main agents of faith and proclamation of the good news. The nurse sisters in dispensaries single handed managed the entire medical system and need of the people. Every parish had sixty- seventy villages to visit and to take care of the health needs and involved in the missionary activities of the parish. It is mainly through the nurse sisters, missionary activities were taken place in the villages.


Main activities taken care off.....* Health care of all the sick.* Antenatal and postnatal care.* Conducting Deliveries.* Care of children below five. * Safe motherhood and child survival programs. * Immunization programs in the villages. Awareness programme.* Health and hygiene.* Curative and preventive measures.*  Safe delivery.* Care and protection of children.* Immunization program* Care for the sick/aged. At present most of our dispensaries are inactive/closed due to the advancement in medical sciences and better health care facilities in the district headquarters and presence of ASHA workers in the villages. People still fondly remember the committed and dedicated services rendered to the people by our nurse sisters. A lot of sacrifices, they have taken up especially in the past, going on foot, climbing the hills and going through the valleys enduring every challenges. Even though most of our dispensaries are not functional, our nurse sisters are fully involved in healing ministry, touring the villages for preaching, teaching, faith formation and other social work activities.

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