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Social Work

Our founder St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was a man well known for his contribution in the field of social reformation in the Kerala society in 19th century. St. Chavara continue to live and work in our society today through the module he has left to be imitated, which has become a motivating force to be innovative and creative and so fulfill the words of our Lord, 'Go and do likewise'(Lk 10:37). Social work is one of the most thriving ministries(mission) of our time; its important activities involved uplifting people in need for the attainment of fullness of life.

Sanjoe province Dimapur, Nagaland is spread over four states, Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The people of these states belong to varied tribe, caste, creed, language and culture. Reading the signs of the time, Sanjonians entered into social revival program, collaborating with the church, government, NGO's and other religious organization which would wipe out ignorance and social evils. Counselling program, treatment for the drug addicts and alcoholics are given at two centers'.


People's economic status is made steady through revolving fund, loan and financial assistance,(piggery, poultry, seeds distribution,  kitchen garden, farming, etc.)through awareness program removal of social stigma about HIV,AIDS behavioral changes, timely treatment and check up are made available. HIV infected affected children and people are treated at Chavara home Dimapur and Carmel Jyoti, Imphal. Emphasis is given to the overall development for the children, spiritual, physical and educational, helping them to find a way for the future. Awareness program are conducted in various villages such as health and hygiene, life skill education, nutritious food, family planning and prevention of diseases, Pregnancy counselling for the pregnant women, Awareness to obtain govt. and non-government schemes such as widow pension, old age pension, housing etc. For spiritual and moral awakening, timely gathering for the medical personal, police and youth are given. Prostitutes and eunuchs who are infected with HIV are taken care.

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